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How to Give

Use the box below to make a tax-deductable online  donation to the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society:
(BDDS is a 501c3 organization. Tax ID 39-1745105)

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Print out the donation form provided below and mail with your check or credit card information to:

Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society
PO Box 2348
Madison, WI 53701-2348


For a gift of stock, please contact Rich Rodreguez at Charles Schwab at 231-5105 or (877) 893-4742.

Fan the Flames
BDDS Artist Patronage Program

In the early centuries of chamber music, composers and musicians were supported by patrons. In the 21st century, BDDS revives this tradition with its version of musician patronage: the Fan the Flames program.

Sponsor one of your favorite BDDS artists or piece of music starting at $2,000.

  • Request up to four free concert tickets
  • Meet your artist at a special rehearsal at Edenfred, the artists’ residence/dedicate your piece of music
  • Receive a CD of your artist’s concert/special piece of music

Sponsor a piece of music for $1,000 or more.

  • Request up to two free concert tickets
  • Dedicate your piece of music to a special person or commemorate a special date
  • Receive a CD of the concert in which your piece was performed

Other Opportunities

  • Sponsor a weekend of concerts, $10,000
  • Sponsor Stephanie or Jeffrey, $6,000
  • Sponsor an art installation at Overture Center’s Playhouse, $2,500