Who We Are

Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society is now in its twenty first season of bringing chamber music with a bang to enthusiastic audiences in Madison and south-central Wisconsin. Since 1992 flutist Stephanie Jutt and pianist Jeffrey Sykes have been inviting other world-class musicians to join them in a three-week summer festival that puts the element of “play” back into chamber music, showing that chamber music concerts, often serious to the point of stuffiness, can be both serious and fun at the same time.

Our artistic goal is to break down traditional barriers between audience and performers without compromising artistic standards of the highest order. Our programming is eclectic, ranging from the greatest masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire to indigenous African music to the newest music hot off the press. And our performances are a visual as well as aural feast: each season we commission art installations to create an atmosphere more inviting–and exciting–than the traditional concert stage.

Chamber music with a bang. More bang for your Bach. What Bach would be doing if he were more fun and less dead. However you describe what we do, Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society always, always features great music played with joy, creativity, spontaneity, and with a technique that’s second to none. Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society is aimed at people who are curious, open-minded, and up for anything. People who want to have serious fun.