Plan Your Visit

Can I use my mobile phone to buy tickets?
Yes! Buy, store and scan your BDDS tickets right from your phone with the Overture Application. Click here for more information…

We’re coming in from out-of-town for a Madison performance. Where can we stay?
BDDS recommends the historic Livingston Inn on Gorham Street in Madison. Inquire about a room and a concert, “the BDDS Package,” by calling 608-238-6317.

How can I get more information?
For information on tickets, performances, programs, parking, restaurants, or anything else having to do with your BDDS experience, call our World Wide Headquarters at (608) 255-9866, or browse our website to learn more and sign up for our BDDS E-newsletter.

What should I wear to a BDDS performance?
We’ll never tell you how to dress! Most people opt for business casual, but jeans are fine, too. We want you to be comfortable, and whether you wear a great print on your shirt or body part, everyone is welcome at our concerts.

How long do most concerts last?
Our concerts last about two hours, fun surprises!

What’s up with your name? Do I have to dance?
We encourage your brain to dance while listening to our concerts; you may even feel like moving to the beat in your seat. What we do best is perform chamber music.

Are there reserved seats at any of the venues?
All seating for ticket-holders is general seating and is on a first-come basis at all venues EXCEPT for Overture Center, which are reserved. Also, prime seating can be purchased for an additional $6 per ticket.

When should I applaud?
We love your enthusiastic applause! Feel free to applaud during the musician’s entrance onto the stage and after the piece is finished (usually when the musicians stand up). Composers usually create a work as a whole, which is often made up of several movements. We list the number of movements for each work in our program. Of course, back in the day it would be an insult to withhold applause during a piece, so if you feel moved…let ‘er rip!

Can I bring my children to concerts?
Introducing children to the spectacular world of chamber music is a gift that will last a lifetime. Children six years of age and older are welcome to enjoy the music.

What if I have special seating needs?
BDDS is dedicated to making sure each patron enjoys its concert. Wheelchair and other special-needs seating is available at the Overture Center in Madison and in Stoughton, with limited availability in Spring Green. The Playhouse at Overture has assistive listening headsets. (Visit Please call (608) 255-9866 for information or to inform us of your needs. You may also contact an usher at one of our performances.

What if I arrive late?
As concerts begin promptly at the scheduled time, latecomers will be seated at a natural break in the music. If you must leave the hall during the performance, please do so quietly. Re-entry while the concert is in progress is at the discretion of our ushers.

Are there any other concert hall policies?
Use of cameras or recording devices is strictly prohibited inside the concert hall. Bottled water is permitted in the concert hall as well as any covered drinks sold at Overture Center. We also ask that you turn off cell phones, beepers, alarm watches, and anything else that might go “beep” during the concert. Please refrain from texting during the performance as it is distracting to your fellow audience members.

Can I exchange tickets for another performance?
Tickets are non-refundable but exchanges are permitted with 48 hours notice. Please contact Overture Center at (608) 258-4141.

Will I have to pay fees when I purchase my tickets?
Overture Center requires a per-ticket and per order fee when you purchase online or over the telephone. The fee goes to Overture Center and does NOT profit BDDS. Visiting the Overture Center box office at 201 State Street in person saves on additional fees.

How can full time students enjoy BDDS?
Full time students with a valid student ID can purchase a BDDS student ticket for only $10.00 for any available seat in the house (with the exception of prime seating at Overture Center)! Please show a valid student ID at the ticket window.

What if I can’t make it to the concert?
If you can’t attend concert for which you’ve purchased tickets, consider donating them back to the BDDS for resale. Call BDDS at (608)255-9866 until noon on the day of the concert. We will mail you a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible donation.

I want to bring a group to a concert – do we receive ticket discounts?
Absolutely! Enjoy music with friends for 25% off the regular ticket price (for groups of 10 or more). Please call BDDS at (608) 255-9866 for more information.

Do I need to “prepare” for BDDS concerts in order to appreciate the music?
While you can always enjoy the music as it is performed, you can enhance your concert experience with a better understanding of the background stories behind the music. In addition to musicians speaking about the music from the stage, you will find notes in our concert program about what you will hear. Another great way to learn about some music is to do a little Internet surfing and subscribe to our BDDS E-newsletter.

Where do I park?

  • Overture Center, Madison:
  • Stoughton Opera House: On-street parking can be found on Main Street and adjoining streets.
  • Hillside Theater, Taliesin, Spring Green: There is a designated parking lot near the Theater.

What are the performance halls like?
Each performance hall is special in its own way.

  • The Playhouse at the Overture Center is a brand-new, state-of-the-art theater of about 340 seats with a thrust stage.
  • The historic Stoughton Opera House is inside of the City Hall and has been beautifully restored.
  • Collins Recital Hall at Hamel Music Center, Mead Witter School of Music, UW-Madison is a brand-new 299-seat concert hall. Park at the Lake Street Ramp or under the Lucky Building.

All theaters are indoors. Each hall is air-conditioned, but the Hillside Theater has a less consistent temperature. See the maps page for thumbnail images of each one.